St Andrews E vs. Crusaders D

In the penultimate match of the season (excluding cup matches) The team got another great victory, this time grabbing all 4 points! The scores were 15-3 to st. Andrews so a comfortable victory. Unfortunately the opponents had a lady missing so Zoe and Anne only got one game each! Well done to Anne Jane and Robert who all got all 6 of their games -and especially to Robert as he wasn’t given any of his games! Also a big thanks to stu our injured captain who stepped in at the last minute to cover for my mistake (sorry!) So last match of the season against St. Peters coming up, lets keep momentum and aim for another4 points!

Team Robert, Jane, Stuart, Anne, Zoe (imagine the dots on the o), Henry

St. Andrews E vs. Crusaders C

A great win in the crunch match! The team managed to get 3 points against their biggest rivals beating them for the second time with the final scores 12-6 (oh so close to 4 points!)The entire team put in a great effort and were on top of their game to bring home the match against tough opponents. There were many nail biters with most of the men’s going to setting! Also a couple of close ones with me and my mum (Helen) where we came back from 10 -1 down to win which secured the draw and then victory! Mentions to all the women this week with Jane and Anne getting 5 games but especially to Helen who got all 6 :). With the season now in its closing stages though, we still need to be wary and keep our focus (4 points in the last 2 games would be nice!) as even though our last games should be more favorable than crusaders we are only 3 points ahead and they have an extra game (whittle D twice and hawks -who they beat last time) where you can be sure they will field a strong team. So seriously well done team, but look forward to the next games with caution. Bring on crusaders D next week! come on team! 🙂

Team: Robert, Helen, Jane, Anne, Richard, Henry

St. Andrews E vs Evergreens C

After a close match, the team got a well deserved win this week -although it was a nail biter and decided on the last match. The opposition had some tough players this week but we still came through! The final score was 10-8 to St. Andrews, so three points in the bag. Jane deserves a special mention this week as the only player to get 6 points and contributing more than her fair share of games (this must be the 6th or 7th time this season!). well done team!
team: Robert, Jane, Graham, Anne, Helen, Henry

E Team vs. Preston College B

A great performance this week! 🙂 A much deserved 4 point victory against the team who are currently (although probably not for much longer!) third in the league A huge improvement over our first encounter, doubling the points earned. special mention to Jane and Anne who each won all of their games :), well done team 😀
Team: Helen, Anne, Jane, Stu, Alex, Henry

……oh, forgot to mention, final score was 15-3 to us 😀

St. Andrews E vs. Whittle C

A win this week! Managing to beat Whittle C at home in a rearranged match with the score being 11 – 7. A good all-round performance (with an exception…) against a tough team. Hopefully we can continue this winning next week!
(sorry from me for playing as though I was wearing a blindfold in all but the last two games! )
Team: Stu, Jane, Anne, Robert, Zoë, Henry

St. Andrews E vs, Hawks G

Another close match with Hawks, but unfortunately another loss :(. On the positive side we did manage to get an extra game than last time despite it being an away match and also came away with a point (better than nothing!). The match was very close and came down to the last game so could of gone either way, with the final score being 10 – 8 to Hawks
Team: Alex, Zoë, Anne, Helen, Stu, Henry
(sorry for the late report!)