St Andrews E v Garstang B Lost 11-7

Team:  Chris, Graham, Alex, Zoe, Anne, Jane
Well we finally got our comeuppance – our first loss at home.
We salvaged a point thanks again  to a very strong performance by the ladies’  with  comfortable wins in their levels. Jane again was outstanding, picking up her other two games with Alex and so ending up being involved in 6 of the 7 games we won. Definitely lady of the match this week! Graham and Anne picked up the other game.
Looking closely at the table and their results it is evident that the Garstang are a stronger team than their mid table position implies. If they had been able to fulfill all their fixtures they would surely have been contending for the Number 2 spot. We have a chance to get our revenge next week at the  away fixture having learnt a few things about the opposition, I hope. Good luck team, that’s my contribution for this season over, I’m going away  at last, but I’ll be watching!

St Andrews E V Preston College B Result Won 12-6

A solid win against our nearest rivals for 2nd spot but a couple of close men’s games which went the wrong way cost us a point.

A 100% performance yet again by our ladies saw us into a 5-3 lead after the levels and fantastic comeback by Chris and Zoe in the No 1 pairs kept our noses in front. Good wins by Graham & Anne and Ben & Jane then took us over the winning line. A strong performance by College’s No 1 pair salvaged a point but Chris and Zoe finished the night off with a comfortable win to get us the 12 games.

This was a good team performance but Chris, playing at No 1 in his first match in the League, was my player of the night (despite Jane’s 6 -again!)  -welcome to the squad.


Brindle v St Andrews E 25 Nov

Lost 10-8 – Team: Alex Graham Ben Karen Anne Zoe

Un désastre! (Excuse my French).

Due to the absence of Jane and Richard the team was switched about with Ben and Zoe at No3 and Alex and Karen at No 1. Easy wins in the Ladies was spoilt by poor starts in both Men’s. We dropped the first games but we came back strongly in both second games. 6-2 up and looking good…. but unfortunately mostly downhill from there on. A match that we had a reasonable expectations of winning, was lost in the last few points of the last two games, Graham and Anne going down 15-13 and 17-14. (The chocolate didn’t work this week. Bring back the Haribos!).

The games won, were won convincingly but we lost out in the five close games. Lack of consistency was probably our downfall but congratulations to Brindle on a well-fought victory. Roll on Friday to drown our sorrows.


Andrews E v Evergreens C 21 Nov

Result: Won 13-5 Team: Ben Graham Alex Karen Anne Jane
Another 4 pointer for the E team but this was a closer match than it looks at first sight with 3 games setted (2-1 to Evergreens) and another 6 games going to double figures on both sides.
After a solid 7-1 start in the levels the mixed was different story and after Graham
and Anne failed to win the setted game in event 8 it was left to Ben and
Karen to fight over the last two games for the extra point. Thankfully they
just won the last game 15-13 to clinch it.
A good all-round performance but Jane deserves a special mention for her
six (again!) and also Ben and Karen who went out of their way to turn out
for the team and stand in for our regular No 1   couple.
( No Haribos this week but a chocolate energy boost was given to those in need)

Rubies II? launch with a draw

Mainly due to transfers in and out, it was a  new look Rubies which took to the Preston College courts for their first match of the 2012/13 season in Div 6.
Graham was making his 700th? appearance for the club partnering Zoe
making her first.  Stuart, partnered last year’s starlet Hannah, making possibly her last appearance for the Rubies before moving up to the 4th division. (Still waiting for the transfer fee to come through though). Henry,  who looks like he will be a regular Ruby, partnered mum Helen (always likely to be explosive when family members play together).  Never mind the personalities I hear you say  what about the result? Well, a 9-9 draw was a good reflection of the match  as it was nip and tuck all the way. In these situations the last couple on court usually deserve the glory so a special mention for Henry and Helen for taking  their last game  to clinch the draw. The card shows that the ladies were the mainstay of the  team and that  a Rubies win was just missed as the two games that went to setting went the wrong way. A great debut by Zoe who won four of her games playing at No1 and best on the night was Helen with five.

Summer Club

Reminder – no Summer club for the next two Thursdays 9th & 16 Aug due to the hall being used for other purposes