Team:Baz , Daz ,Dave ,Val ,Helen ,Charlotte H

Result:0 –18  Win

Very good result this week, with some help from our super subs Helen and Charlotte.

With the heatwave that we had this week, it made the hall at MGS very hot and tested some players temperaments (not from St Andrews) After a verbal exchange between two of the opposition with each other, it made for a bad atmosphere on court. Luckily it was towards the end of the match, so we didn’t have to suffer it for too long! When the game is meant to be played in good spirit, it’s not something that we hope will be repeated.



Team: Baz,Daz ,Dave ,Val, Lucy H , Janette

Result:14 –4 Win

A great start the season considering all the team were blighted by injury or infection!! After splitting the first mens game it looked like it might be a bit of an uphill battle, but we pressed on, just showing that experience rather than fitness got us through!! Special mention to Lucy Halsall who pulled Daz out of the quagmire a few times! Good win…lets hope we can keep it up 🙂


Brindle B vs St Andrews C

Team :Barry, Daz, Graham H, Val, Helen P , Jeanette

Result: Win 18  –  0

Good start to season for newly formed C Team, who all played well on the night. Well done to Graham and Jeanette who are new to the club this season and have never played together before. All games were played in good spirit and we hope to build on this success.