St Andrews D vs Clayton Crusaders B

Team : Sam, Colin, Josh, Lucy, Anne, Hannah P

Result : Win 13-5

Clayton Crusaders had not lost so far this season, so to win and pick up 4 points was a great result. Sam Pattison Star was best on the night for us with a maximum 6. The match was much tighter than the score line suggests as their top pair conceded their final set due to injury.  After dropping games throughout the match we needed Sam and Lucy to win the their last 2 games in order to grab all 4 points and they duly obliged Smile. Everybody picked up games so a good effort all round, and the captain promises to hit the shuttle with the big stringy part of his racket instead of the frame next match Eye rolling smile.


Next Up : Thursday 17th of November

Springfields E @ Lostock 7:15pm D5

St Andrews D vs Preston College B

Team : Sam, Colin, Josh, Lucy, Anne, Hannah P

Result : 15-3 Win D5

The balance of oldsters and youngsters is still working at the moment as we managed another convincing win. Best on the night was Hannah Pallett with her first maximum 6 for the D Team, so congratulations to her Star, I’m sure there will be more to come. Sam (sleepy cheeky monkey head), Josh, Lucy and Anne (most improved from last week) all managed 5 wins.

Rant: There must be a rule about serving slowly, it was driving me crazy, its not like it was even worth the wait!


Next up : Monday 31st of October  😈
Clayton Crusaders B @ Clayton 7:00pm start

St Andrews D vs Evergreens B

Team : Dave, Colin, Josh, Lucy, Anne, Hannah P
Result: 15-3 Win

Score Card

No game last week because of the postponement, so everyone was keen to get playing again and it showed. The score was 8-0 after the levels with Josh and Hannah holding their own playing at 3, and we got to 13-0 with 4 points in the bag before we dropped a game.  Our top pair Dave and Lucy both picked up maximums to be best on the night. A really good performance all round.

Next up :
Monday 24th of October
Preston College B @ Home 7:30pm D5