St Andrews D vs Whittle B Phillips Cup

Team : Sam, Colin, Dave, Lucy, Janet, Charlotte

Result : Win 189-65

Did not expect such a comprehensive win. It was a really great performance to win so many games from division 5 players while giving them an extra serve. Well done everyone. Dave and Charlotte won all their games on the night, Sam and Lucy contributed the biggest point difference with 53.

Next up:

Wednesday 23rd of February
St Peters @ St Peters 7:15pm D6

St Andrews D vs Hawks F

Team : Sam, Colin, Dave, Lucy, Janet, Charlotte

Result : 13-5 Win

Full team, full points. Charlotte and Lucy picked up 6 games each to be best on the night,but everyone contributed games. Really well played.

Next up :
Wednesday the 9th of February
Whittle C @ Whittle D6 7:15pm

St Andrews D vs Evergreens C

Team : Sam, Colin, Dave, Lily, Charlotte, Janet

Result : Win for St Andrews D 202 (–40GH) to 135 (– 45)

Really good cup win with everyone contributing points on the night. A bit tricky at times with 3 serves to 2, and four games were lost overall, but these were all countered with good wins, and the overall points total was a great reflection on how well the team played. Sam and Lily picked up the only maximum 6 wins.

Score Sheet

Next Match : Clayton Crusaders C @ Home 7:30pm D6

Boxing Day Tournament Result

Congratulations to Helen and Harry who beat Katie and Graham in the final of the 2010 Boxing Day tournament. It was another good turnout with 14 pairings split into 2 groups of 7 for the initial round robin phase, all games were played in a great spirit as everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Both semi finals were close with Helen and Harry just piping Jane and Josh, and Katie and Graham just beating Laura and Alex in an equally close game. Thanks to Mark and Helen for arranging things as usual. Pictures to follow.

Helen Pallett/Harry Morris beat Katie McWalters/Graham Harrison

Jane Ryding/Josh Robinson beat Laura Pallett/Alex Heyes

Helen Pallett/Harry Morris beat Jane Ryding/Josh Robinson
Katie McWalters/Graham Harrison beat Laura Pallett/Alex Heyes