Cup Results and Draw

Cup Draws

  • A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Wed the 9th of Jan @ Home
  • B Team (SCR GH)  vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Home
  • Hawks E (+20 RH) vs C Team (-30) – Tue the 8th of Jan @ Clayton
  • Preston College (-15) vs D Team (+40 RH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Preston College

Report From Matt Norris:

There were no preliminary matches in the Cunningham Cup this season.

Wrennall cup

MGS ‘D’ (-40) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘A’ (-40 GH)
MGS D and Clayton Crusaders A had a close match with only 5 points in it. Clayton proved to be victorious on the night with eh final score being 161 to 156. (After handicaps) Well done to Clayton Crusaders A who move on to round 1.

Phillips Cup

Mythop ‘A’ (SCR GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-100 GH)
Mythop A and Hawks D was another close game with only 16 points between them. Hawks D had a steep hill to climb with -100 points to start, but they kept battling till the end of the match and they managed to win with 154 to 138. (After handicaps) Well done to Hawks D who advance to the next round.

Evergreens ‘B’ (-30) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘C’ (SCR)
Evergreens B and Clayton Crusaders C was a good game. The final score ended up 158 to 201 (after handicaps). Another win for the Clayton Crusaders Club, which put all 4 of their teams through to Round 1. Well done to Clayton Crusaders C.

Bretherton cup

Penwortham ‘A’ (-100) vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+40 RH)

Penwortham A and St. Andrews D was a really tough match for Penwortham. St. Andrews started with a 40 points and Penwortham started way down at -100. With the 140 point difference and 3 serves to 2 proved to much for Penwortham to handle and St. Andrews D came out victorious with a win of 214 to 147 after handicaps. Well done to St. Andrews D who advance to Round 1.


News and No Fixtures

Congratulations to the D Team in winning their preliminary cup round last week, they will now go forward to the first round proper in January. No fixtures this week. Juniors on Monday and club night on Wednesday.

Boxing Day +1 tournament will be taking place on the Thursday the 27th of December.

Monday 10th December
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 12th of December
Club Night 7:30pm onward

Boxing Day + 1 Tournament

This is your early warning for the annual St Andrews Boxing Day Tournament.

As there was such a great turn out at last years Boxing Day+1 tournament, we are planning to do the same again this year. So the date for your diary is Thursday the 27th of December 2018. This will be the 81st edition of this great tradition, and it would be great to see as many participants as last time.

Mid Lancs Week J

Report From Paul Eastham

In my last report of 2018 &at the turnaround of the season Carton A got spanked by St. Andrews A 1-17 to go top of the table again for a few days. Ironically, the only time Carlton were ahead in the match was in the opening Men’s as Andy Wiseman & Lee Williams won the only game won for Carlton to stop the total whitewash. Karolyn Hustler was statistically the best player.

Hawks B got thrashed 0-18 by their own A team & shoot up the table with the 4 pts; The Stat best player was Michelle Skinner.

MGS C failed to get any points in the match against their own B team. Adrian Greenwood & Alex Mackie won all of their 6 games in the no 1 slot to be the best pair on the night with a final score of 5-13 that helps keeps the B team well out of danger.

Cross Feathers go into 2019 proudly sitting on top of the tree with a 12-6 win over MGS A. The home side had a 7-1 advantage going into the mixed and were on track to take all 4 points, but a late burst in the mixed including 3 tight mixed games won by Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton ensured that MGS robbed the bonus point. Ste Andrews won 5 to be the best player.

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News And Cup Draws

Good win for the A Team last week, C and D both lost. There is a preliminary cup round match this week, with the D Team away at Penwortham.

Monday 3rd of December
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 5th of December
Bretherton Cup: 
D Team (+40 RH) vs Penwortham A (-100 GH)  @ All Hallows 7:00pm
Club Night 7:30pm onward

The other team have been drawn as follows (Home or Away TBC).
Cunningham Cup: A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR)
Wrennall Cup: B Team (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH)
Phillips Cup: C Team (-30) vs Hawks E (+20 RH)

These match take place in the New Year.

News and Fixtures

Wins for the A and B Teams last week, the C and D both lost. The B Team have had another fixture postponed this week, but everyone else is in action. This is in fact the start of the return fixtures, so you should know what to expect.

Monday 26th of November
A Team vs Carlton A @ Garstang YMCA 8:00pm D1
POSTPONED:B Team vs Evergreens A @ Home 7:30pm D2
D Team vs Evergreens C @ Home 7:30pm D4
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 28th of November
Club Night 7:30pm onward

Thursday 29th of November
C Team vs Evergreens B @ Albany 7:15pm D3

Good Luck to everyone taking part in matches this week.