Mid Lancs Week J – Heavy Snow Over The Entire County

Report from Paul Eastham

In the turnaround week of the season, division 1’s Carlton A hosted MGS B and they managed to win the match, but not take all the 4 points. Andy Finch & Lynn Hosegood managed to take a game in the final set to snatch the bonus point from under Carltons noses but the true stars of the match were Andy Wiseman & Cath Bagley; they won 5 each in the 12-6 win.

Hawks B got beat by their own A team 8-10 in a match that could have swung either way as after the levels the score was stood at 4 all. The opening mixed was took by the B team to go 6-4 up before a split set (7-5) & then the A team won 4 on the bounce to go ahead 7-9 with just the final set to play. Andy Owen & Emily Miller won the opener 15-3 to put the score at 8-9 and a chance to share the points, but in a massive swing of play, Chris Hoyle & Jenny Mullineaux totally dominated the final game to end up winning it 1-15 to notch up the 8-10 win for the A team. Chris Chu won 5 for the B team at 3rd Men’s & Cathy Atfield & Jenny also won 5 for the A team to all be the best players for their respective teams.

The old met the new this week when Cross Feathers locked horns with the past record breaking Champs, St. Andrews A. But the old established club was no match for the new powerhouse team that won 12 straight games in a row before Andrews took their 1st game off them. Final score ran out at 15-3 to put Cross Feathers in a commanding 2nd spot on the table and don’t forget, the only team so far to have taken a point off David Lloyd; Hayley Harrison was statistically the best player.

In division 2, MGS E shared the points on the evening with Carlton B, who now seam on a roll after a poor start to the season. Dave Broadbent & Jane Parkinson took the final pair of games in set 9, 7-15 & 7-15 to earn a draw for Carlton. In the tight 9all draw it was Adrian Greenwood who came out on top, he won all of his 6 for MGS to take home the MOTM award.

The Hillbilly’s were back at the fort this week & their visitors were 2nd placed, Hawks C. Another close match with the scores being all square after the levels & a split mixed in set 5 before the Garstang went 7-5 ahead in the 6th set. A split in the 7th (8-6) was followed by a pair in the 8th for Hawks to level the match and go into a 9th set decider. Richard Llewelyn & Gail Monk from Hawks took the 1st game 6-15, but a fightback in the final game of the match by Stuart Smerdon & Sian Meakin saw them take the game 15-3 to pull off a draw. No overall best player because everyone seemed to chip in throughout.

MGS C had a very narrow victory over their own D team in an epic battle of pride at Wellfield. The C team were on the ropes from the very start of this match, losing the first 5 games in a row & ending the levels 3-5 down. A split set in the opening mixed was followed by a strong comeback which saw the home side win 5 games on the bounce to go 9-6 ahead even though some of the games could have gone either way due to them being won in setting. The final set saw Rob Metcalf & Cheryl Parry win the 1st game 17-14 to help win the match for the C team; final score was 10-8, 5 games went to setting and the best player on the evening was Janet Rance who won 5 of her 6 games to help the team stay in 2nd place on the tables.

St. Andrews B took all 4 points at home to Clitheroe A in a 15-3 home win; Matt Norris was statistically the best player.

In division 3, Clitheroe B beat the team directly above them this week to go just 2 points behind them on the tables. In the  12-6  defeat of Crusaders C, it was Laura Cannon who picked up 5 games to be the best player on the night to take revenge on their loss in the 1st match of the season. Clayton now sink into 3rd & have the leaders, Evergreens A to face next week.

Hawks D beat their own E team 15-3 to take max points & go into 2nd spot on the tables. Mohamed Suleman & Beth Cowell were the stars in this match, they each picked up 6 games each at No 1 pair.

MGS F got beat 2-16 at home by visitors Penwortham A; Laura Heaton was statistically the best player on the night.

Evergreens A thrashed their own B team 17-1 to go 12 points clear at the top; only Ed Gilbertson & Lee Wigham stopped the total whitewash by winning the 1 game and the statistically best player on the evening was Lynette Tidy.

Springfields B had an 11-7 home win over Clayton Crusaders D to keep the team in a very healthy mid table position. Dave Farrant & Linda Settle were the best pair on the night for Springers picking up 5 games each, as did Luke Brown & Sophia Wright for Crusaders….. they took 5 of the 7 games won for their team, but the team remains in the dreaded drop zone.

In 4, Preston College B got beat by their own A team, 4-14 to stay rooted at the foot of the table. Hazel Bradshaw & Carol Raby won all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night & help lift the A team out of the dreaded drop zone.

Flight thrashed St. Andrews C 17-1 to put themselves on the same points total as their opponents in joint 2nd spot; only Colin Marney & Zoe Watts stopping the total whitewash as Olivia Franks was statistically best on the evening for LOTM.

No matches survived this week in division 5, as all 4 of them were called off due to the heavy snow that fell upon the entire county, which isolated all players from venturing out from their homes. The Met office announced a severe (red) weather warning advising folk to stay indoors, keep warm, have a hot flask of tea ready, not to travel unnecessarily and await food parcels that would be dropped off by drones. (I wonder how many of you read down to this point?)

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