Brindle v St Andrews E 25 Nov

Lost 10-8 – Team: Alex Graham Ben Karen Anne Zoe

Un désastre! (Excuse my French).

Due to the absence of Jane and Richard the team was switched about with Ben and Zoe at No3 and Alex and Karen at No 1. Easy wins in the Ladies was spoilt by poor starts in both Men’s. We dropped the first games but we came back strongly in both second games. 6-2 up and looking good…. but unfortunately mostly downhill from there on. A match that we had a reasonable expectations of winning, was lost in the last few points of the last two games, Graham and Anne going down 15-13 and 17-14. (The chocolate didn’t work this week. Bring back the Haribos!).

The games won, were won convincingly but we lost out in the five close games. Lack of consistency was probably our downfall but congratulations to Brindle on a well-fought victory. Roll on Friday to drown our sorrows.