B team v Clitheroe A

In the absence of Mark who was making his comeback in the 1st team I thought I would write the report! Clitheroe seemed to have a stronger team than when they played at home against us, although curiously their strongest lady played against our D team on Monday night!! This put the team and particularly Laura under pressure when I pointed out that the lady lost 3 games, 2 of them to Hannah!! However with some excellent banter and team spirit, the team soon got into their stride and were 7 – 1 up after the levels! Matt and Sarah had a close game after being 5- 13 down in their first they got back to 13 before finally losing out, but they came back fighting and won the next convincingly! Jared and Laura eased their way through their games and Jack and Rachael were unfortunate to lose their 2 games to a very experienced mixed couple. At this point Id like to point out to Laura, that she needs to listen to her own coaching tip of “you know those things on the end of your legs Jack – you need to move them…”
A convincing victory for the youngsters ( yes Sarah you are included in that because you were younger than most of the opposition!), A great team atmosphere well done guys!