News 18th of January

There will be no club night this week as there is a light out in the hall making one court difficult to use, and as the A Team have a match, the other two courts will be in use most of the night. We should have full lighting in place by next week.

Wednesday 18th of January
A Team vs Hawks A @ Home 7:30pm D1


Monday 23rd of January
C Team vs MGS E @ Home 7:30pm D3
Junior Badminton 6:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 24th of January
D Team vs Garstang B @ Garstang 8:00pm D5

Wednesday 25th of January
A Team vs MGS A @ Home 7:30pm D1
Shared Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Thursday 26th of January
B Team vs Clayton Crusaders A @ Wellfield 7:30pm D2

News 4 Jan 2017

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017.

Congratulations to Stuart Grice and Laura Pallett for winning the 79th annual Boxing Day competition. They beat Mark and Hannah Pallett in the final. Next time will be our 80th Year, one to put in your new diary right now!

The A Team have rearranged a match this week so Club night will be shared on Wednesday. Also note that next week is a Cup Week, so fixtures are not in the hand book.

Wednesday 4th of January
A Team vs David Lloyd @ Home 7:30pm D1
Shared Club Night.


Monday 9th of January
B Team (20) vs Hawks A (-50 GH) @ Home 7:30pm Cunningham Cup
D Team (SCR) vs Preston College B (20) @ Preston College 7:00pm Phillips Cup
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 10th of January
A Team (-80 OH GH) vs Hawks B (SCR GH) @ Clayton Green 8:00pm Cunningham Cup

Wednesday 11th of January
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Thursday 12th of January
C Team (30) vs Evergreens B (SCR) @ Albany Science College 7:00 pm Wrennall Cup

Good luck to those who take part.
Cup score sheet here : Cup Score Sheet (pdf)

Cup Draws for Round 1

Message From Matt Norris:

Cup Draws Round 1 Matches

All the teams that are first in the list below will be the host for the first matches. The use of shuttles remains the same as last year splitting the cost between the teams. (£1 per shuttle) Please send the score sheets to me via E-mail or via whats App within 2 days of playing. Also when taking photos of the score sheet and sending them in please turn flash on, as some of them were hard to read as they were so dark. If you have any problems please let me know ASAP and I will try to deal with them as quickly as possible. Good Luck to all teams playing!!


David Lloyd (-130 OH GH) vs Clayton Crusaders A (SCR)
Carlton B (SCR RH) vs Hawks C (20)
Hawks D (70 RH) vs Carlton A (-30GH)
Cross Feathers (-110 OH GH) vs MGS B (-70 GH)
St Andrews B (20) vs Hawks A (-50 GH)
Evergreens A (40 RH) vs MGS D (20)
Hawks B (SCR GH) vs Andrews A (-80 OH GH)
Garstang A (50 RH) vs MGS C (SCR GH)


Hawks E (-40) vs Springfields A (-60 GH)
Evergreens B (SCR) vs St Andrews C (30)
Penwortham A (20) vs Clayton Crusaders D (-60)
MGS F (-20) vs Project 12 (SCR RH)
Clayton Crusaders E (20) vs Whittle B (SCR)
Whittle A (SCR) vs Evergreens C (SCR RH)
MGS E (-75 OH GH) vs Clayton Crusaders B (-100 GH)
Springfields B (15 RH) vs Clitheroe B (-50)


Clayton Crusaders F (70 RH) vs Brindle (50)
Preston College B (20) vs St Andrews D (SCR)
Mythop (-20GH) vs Whittle C (-40)
Garstang B (-30 GH) vs Preston College A (-20)



News 19th of December

There is a full Club Night on Wednesday the 21st of December, just in case you need some extra practice for the Boxing Day competition that follows on the Monday after.

If you have not already signed up for the Boxing Day competition Let me or Mark know you are up for it, Mark will then sort out pairings and handicaps. The fun and games will start around midday (TBC), it costs £5 which goes towards prizes, bacon butties and a bit of fund raising. A trip to a local pub for tea is optional.

Have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

News/Boxing Day Competition

No matches this week, so there is a full club night on Wednesday the 14th of December.

The 79th Annual Boxing Day competition is running as usual on Monday the 26th of December. The fun and games will start around midday, and it will cost £5 which goes towards prizes, bacon butties and a bit of fundraising. Mark has put a form on the wall in the church hall, so get your name down if you are interested.images If you won’t be down just let me or Mark know directly. Handicaps will be fixed worked out once all entries are in. Tea in a local pub afterwards.

News 5th of December/Cup Draws/Boxing Day

The Cup draws are out, just in time for the Preliminary round of the cup this week. The  C Team and D Team are in action.

Put a note in your diary for our annual Boxing Day tournament on Monday the 26th. Details to follow in the next couple of weeks.

Cup Draws 2016/17

Monday 5th of December
D Team (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders F (+70 RH) @ South Ribble Tennis Centre 7:00pm Phillips Cup
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 7th of December
C Team (+30) vs Penwortham B (+30 RH) @ Home 7:30pm Wrennall Cup
Shared Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Good luck to everyone taking part in matches this week.